Green-gold rolling hills, with group of cattle in the foreground and blue sky with white clouds

Ranch Management

Preservation, Conservation, Sustainability and Responsible Animal Husbandry

We run a Black Angus cow-calf operation with a breeding cow herd of about 300 head.  The herd is managed according to the same seasonal schedule that has been followed at Connolly Ranch for generations. We incorporate the best advances in land and herd management practices that support our core values. Today, like yesterday, we still depend on nature for a good year to bring the rains and abundant natural grasses.

Our cattle, bred for quality and temperament, are born and raised on Connolly Ranch. Every winter our Registered Black Angus bulls are put out with the permanent cow herd to breed. Calves are born in the fall and stay with their mothers through the next winter and spring when the rains bring the green grasses that nurture the cows and growing calves. As the grasses dry out in the start of summer, we gather and sell the calves. Then the cycle starts again. If cattle get sick or injured and have to be treated, they are excluded from natural beef sales.

Environmental Stewardship

Our values of preservation, conservation, sustainability and responsible animal husbandry are not the current fad, but the fundamental way we do business. Throughout our long history, we have worked to be good stewards of the land and the herd. We are ranchers and conservationists. We are proud to participate in various research and conservation efforts. Protecting the land and its natural resources and improving habitat management practices is an ongoing endeavor and a core part of the ranch.

Humane Animal Practices

Cattle are born and raised on Connolly Ranch on open range land. They are never confined in a feedlot. Current veterinary and animal handling practice guidelines are followed to ensure cattle are healthy, well cared for and humanely treated.

Natural and Grass-Fed

All of our cattle are raised natural and grass-fed without hormones or antibiotics. When our calves are sold to market, they are certified as “natural.”