Golden hill at sunset, with oak trees silhouetted against a light blue sky with white clouds. A few cattle are on the hilltop.

Grass-Fed Natural Beef

Locally Raised – All Natural – All Grass-Fed

Our cattle are raised naturally on Connolly Ranch’s open range pastures. The Black Angus herd is all grass-fed and is not given any hormones, implants, antibiotics, grain or supplements with animal by-products. When our calves are sold to market, they are certified by us at market as “natural.”

Some seasons when conditions allow, we also offer a limited supply of Connolly Ranch Natural Beef (CRNB) for sale locally directly to consumers. For our Connolly Ranch Natural Beef direct to consumer sales, we bypass the industrial production process, eliminating feedlot, transportation, grain production and other intensive steps. In this way we can offer beef directly to you that is raised locally and naturally with the smallest carbon foot print and least impact to the environment.

The highest quality Connolly Ranch yearling steers are taken directly off the range in early summer to be processed at USDA certified facilities into individually cut, vacuumed-packaged, labeled and frozen beef for sale directly to you. Our cattle are not finished on a diet of corn, grain and other additives in a feedlot.

We take great care to ensure our beef is safe and healthy for the consumer and our planet. When we say “locally raised, all natural, all grass-fed,” we mean it.

No Hormones or Antibiotics

Connolly Ranch cattle are not given any growth hormones, implants or sub-therapeutic antibiotics or any food supplements that contain animal by-products.  Our calves only receive non-antibiotic preventive vaccinations, unless one is sick or injured.  They grow and mature as nature dictates on the open range.

All Grass-Fed

Other than milk from the cow, Connolly Ranch cattle eat only nature’s grasses from the open range where they graze. We only supplement with salt & mineral blocks and locally grown alfalfa hay when gathering or as needed given feed conditions.