About Connolly Ranch


Connolly Ranch is a family owned and operated cattle ranch located in the southern corners of San Joaquin and Alameda Counties overlooking the Great Central Valley of California and Coast Range.  Connolly Ranch, Inc. was established in 1872 when Irish immigrants Patrick and Margaret Connolly staked their first homestead in Corral Hollow Canyon.  For over 135 years and through 5 generations, we have worked to build and maintain the family operated ranch based on the principles of preservation, sustainability and responsible animal husbandry.

Connolly Ranch

Today, Connolly Ranch, Inc. covers the Blue Oak woodlands and savannah grasslands along the eastern edge of the Coast Range south of Livermore and Tracy. We raise Black Angus cattle bred for their quality beef production.  Only Registered Black Angus Bulls are used for the 300 head cow-calf operation.  Connolly Ranch cattle spend their lives on open range land and are not given any growth hormones, implants, antibiotics or grain.


Connolly Ranch, Inc., established in 1872, is among the oldest family operated ranches in the state.