California Poppies on the Ranch

1. Why did Connolly Ranch decide to sell direct to consumers?

We decided to sell our beef locally direct to consumers because we wanted to try to put our values of sustainability and environmental responsibility into practice. At this time our CRNB sales are a small part of our total cattle sales, but all cattle sold are managed in the same way.

2. Does CRNB have any antibiotics or hormone implants?

CRNB steers are NOT given any antibiotics, hormones or implants. We guarantee our CRNB is all-natural, meaning no antibiotics, hormones or implants.

3. Are you certified organic?

We are not certified organic at this time.

4. How do I place my order of CRNB?

Once we open the annual order period, generally in June, you can submit your completed CRNB Order Form. The instructions for completing the order form are explained under the ORDER PROCESS tab on the web site. You must submit your deposit by check along with the Order Form to place your order.

5. How do I get my order?

We will set one (1)  specific day during the work week, generally in late July for all customers to pick-up their orders in Tracy. We have only one order pick-up day for all customers, so it is important that you make arrangements to pick-up your order on the designated date.

6. Why do you only have one pick-up day?

We do not have freezer storage facilities to keep your order frozen after we pick it up from the processing facility. We have a refrigerator truck to keep the order frozen for the designated pick-up day only. We recognize that we cannot match the flexibility and accessibility of a large retail store, but we hope that the quality of our all natural grass-fed beef, knowledge of where and how it is produced, and our personal connection with our customers makes up for it.

7. Where do I have to go to pick-up my order of CRNB?

Our order pick-up day is in Tracy, California. We set a specific weekday in or around July/August when all customers pick-up their orders in Tracy. Because customers have to travel to Tracy to pick-up their order, our program is best designed to sell locally to customers who live within about an hour from Tracy.

8. Why are the cuts smaller than what I get in a store?

CRNB is from yearling steers. We do not hold our steers for another season for them to gain weight. CRNB steers have only fed on their mother’s milk and mother nature’s grasses, unless there is a drought year when we will also supplement with local alfalfa hay. The cuts from CRNB will be smaller than what you get in a supermarket because the steers are smaller.

9. How will my order be prepared?

Your order will have individual cuts that are vacuumed packaged and labeled with the cut name and weight. Cuts that make up the bulk order are then boxed and frozen.

10. What is a mixed side?

A mixed cut order can include cuts from the right or left, or front or back sides. If you get a mixed side order, we try to include approximately the same array of cuts in each order, but the exact weight and cuts in each order will vary. Based on prior years, a mixed quarter side order averaged about 60 pounds with a range of about 55-75 pounds.

11. What cuts are in an order?

Please see our Sample Cut Sheet for a description of the typical cuts in a bulk order. Please be aware, however, that each order may vary somewhat depending on the size the steer and butcher choice.

12. Can you customize my order?

At this time we are not able to customize orders, so we can best serve customers who have the freezer space to purchase a bulk order and are interested in having a full array of cuts.

13. Do you sell CRNB in smaller amounts or individual cuts?

We sell our CRNB in bulk orders only. We do not have the storage or retail facilities to sell smaller amounts or individual cuts at this time. Your bulk order of individually packaged and labeled cuts is frozen so that you can enjoy it throughout the year.

14. Do you sell CRNB throughout the year?

We only have one harvest each year in June. We do not hold our CRNB steers over for an additional season to gain weight because we are trying to produce natural grass-fed beef that does not require significant supplemental feed and water and uses the smallest carbon footprint to produce. You buy CRNB at one time each year based upon the natural growing season for our region.

Some seasons we may have a few orders remaining following our main sale.  Please contact us regarding availability.

15. Do you sell CRNB in stores?

We do not sell CRNB through retail outlets at this time. The only way to get CRNB is through our direct order program.